HRAP - Botton Plate Oxidized!

Hi guys…
I need help couse the botton plate of my HRAP
its getting Oxidized and i have no idea about what to do
and how to prevent it happens again.
Sorry about my english i know i suck but im trying my
best, so hope you understand what im trying to say
and please help me.

Do you mean it’s getting rusty? Is your button plate turning a cloudy white color (oxidizing) or orange brown (rust)?


err rust is oxidation of iron.

Sorry - my mistake. Working with automotive finishes, the cloudy haze that shows up on older cars is usually refered to as oxidation. Since the plate on his HRAP is metal, I put 1 + 1 together and got 6.

Patriarka - the best this to do is sand the plate down with some course abrasive sandpaper/emery cloth until you’ve removed as much of the rust as possible. Then you need to paint it over with any rust-stopping paint (Rustoleum/Krylon in the US).


Yeah, the last thing i usually do to the top plates when im done modding them is spray them down with some rustoleum. especially if you had to grind off the button tabs on a plate like the T5 stick or the fs3…