HRAP button remapping

Im in the process of looking for an HRAP. I notice they have different button layouts. I dont like the L’s being the first set of buttons. Is it possible to take the QD’s off and place them on the button i want them to be? Or is the wire just long enought to make contact with that button? And if so, does the other end of the wire have a QD too or is it soldered on?

I just opened up my HRAP2 SA tonight, and the wires are pretty damn long to begin with. So I dont see a problem with rewiring them if you wanted.

cool. Hope its the same for the early HRAPS. I can get a bnib HRAP1 for a bill. Then swap out the buttons and remap it at the same time.
I wanted the HRAP2 SA, but they are hard to find and too expensive. Plus i like the color lay out.

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All the HRAP have the wires long enough to change and quick disconnects.

For some odd reason if they are not long enough just extend the wires it is easy.