HRAP defective by being too loose?


I recently bought the Xbox 360 Real Arcade Pro. EX and I’m wondering if there is anyway to tighten the stick? I’m not use the playing games with a stick that has alot of play in it. I’m having trouble performing fireball attacks and I never experienced any issues when I use to play in the arcades. Is my arcade stick defective or it’s made that way?


i think its made that way … maybe you were playing on happs where you need to look like zangief to move the stick ?
the only way to make it stiffer is to mod it with some seimitsu ls32 spring(s) <- 2 if you really want it stiff … but its not as stiff as an happ


It’s been a while since I played SF on an arcade stick. I’m not a new comer to the series but the stick just seem too awfully loose and I’m having trouble performing some moves. Uppercuts(Hadokens) I can perform but fireball attacks is killing me. Maybe I just need to go on the training mode and practice so I can get use to it.


i think the loose fell of the sanwa jlf is on of the greatest features …you just need to use your wrist to move the stick instead your hole arm and you can do fast motions with it …

just train a little bit and you will get the hang of it …
maybe your problem is the gate … it uses a square gate and happs an octo gate. thats why you cant throw fireballs … many have that problem. you can learn the moves with the square gate or mod it with an octo … but i prefer square but its just what you like better


I was having the same problem at first, now I’m doing much better after some practice. I still can’t spam them as fast as I’d like but I’m getting there and it’s only been 2 days. Start out by making a deliberate fireball motion and by that i mean make sure you are doing a quarter circle forward and not a quarter square forward. Once you can do it consistently slowly it’s just a matter of your muscle memory catching up and you’ll gain speed.