HRAP EX (360) Help!


Hey all,

I would be very grateful if someone could help me out with this problem i’m having.

My HRAP Ex stopped registering diagonals recently, so i thought that it may have been one of a few things. I changed the spring, tested the micro switches, checked the wires for cuts and also checked the soldered points, but have still had no joy.

At this stage i’m looking to replace the whole JLF unit completely, but can’t seem to find a Sanwa without a stick mounted PCB.

Could anyone please suggest a fix, or perhaps a drop in stick without a PCB attached? I’m not really bothered if it’s a Seimitsu or a Sanwa, i’m sure i’ll get used to either.


LS 33 does not use a PCB… However that may not be your problem- if you tested the micro switches and they worked it is not likely an issue with the joystick.


I’ve already answered Sifu V’s question on Neo Empire.

Any Seimitsu stick without the ‘01’ prefix at the end of the product code does not have a PCB. All the readily available models come like this.


true but good luck finding any of those besides the 33 or maybe a 32


Gremlins and AkihabaraShop both sell LS-32, LS-33, LS-40, LS-55 and LS-56 models. also sell them. This makes them readily available.

AFAIK only the LS-58-01 is not available without a PCB.


You can always swap the PCB for 4 separate micro-switches


Indeed you have answered me on Empire, gahrling, and i really do appreciate that. I just wanted to get as many opinions as possible, to enable me to carry out a speedy fix.

Thanks for the replies guys they have been most helpful. Although i would really like to know if the PCB is something i can replace as easily as the joystick, or am i realistically looking at gutting the whole thing and starting from scratch?


You can purchase just the PCB or replace with individual micro switches The Hrap EX does not have a pcb for the stick right? it has individual micro switches so it would be easier for you just to replace the individual switch if you go with a pcb you would have to rewire the stick or modify the pcb. If you pick up a pcb you have to do this to it I know the EX is not common ground so I dont think you can wire it to take the PCB normally


Before getting a new joystick the problem needs to be identified.

If no diagonals are working but the other directions are… well, the odds of 4 microswitches having the same fault are pretty low.

Swap in some microswitches from a budget arcade stick’s joystick that you know are working then test. If it works then order a new joystick. If it fails then rip out the motherboard and replace with something like a 360 Fightpad.