HRAP EX common grounding question


I’ve been reading a lot about the HRAP ex se not having a common ground so it’s hard to dual mod. I’ve read in this thread how m00_66 got his stick to common ground for the led mod ( So in theory would it be possible to use this theory and dual mod off of this? If so does anyone have a diagram for me to follow, I’ll most likely be using the chimp smd.


You should prolly just go with ps360 way less trouble even the pro modders like gumm don’t mess with it so its really too much trouble and its like $44 not trying to discourage but you should get rid of that pcb if your dead set on a dual mod setup


Thanks for the info. But wouldn’t I still have the same problem since the stick (JLF-TM-8T-SK-K) doesn’t have a common ground either. Unless I switch up the stick also. Or can i just get Sanwa TP-MA PCB and JLF-TE Harness and call it a day?


you can just chain all the grounds together and stick the wire in the little screw terminal on the ps360 all the pcb is on a jlf is a method of connecting all the grounds together to one clean out put a jlf pcb its not a complicated pcb at all if you dont know how to daisy chain them all together I can do for you for just for charge of the shipping


Can’t I just use the Sanwa TP-MA PCB if I have one laying around (which I do)?


I haven’t taken Sanwa stick completely apart and tried to mix and match parts but I do not see why not.

You can always take RosserRooster’s idea and daisy chain the Grounds on each switch, they should be listed on each micro-switch as COM for Common ground, the signals for each direction would go to NO as in Normally Open, NC or Normally Close would register that input when the switch is not pressed. and I would avoid the NC tabs.


The issue is not the microswitch assembly, it is the HRAP EX PCB ; using the JLF MA won’t solve ANYTHING. Dual-modding the HRAP EX is a royal PITA, get rid of the PCB if you can unless you are ready to spend a lot of time and get frustrated if anything goes wrong.


You can defiantly use that pcb but don’t waste those loose microswitches either way either will work just don’t mess with that pcb for a dual mod you could always check gamestop for a used madcatz controller and do a dual mod using a toggle switch or purchase a toodles imp form lizardlick and you don’t have to bother with a switch


Sorry guys but I think we’re getting confused here. So for a clean install I was going to get the PS360, then ditch the Hori pcb and update the joystick pcb to the Sanwa TP-MA PCB because I have one around. That way everything is simple and clean, with no daisy chaining. Hopefully this clears things up.


yes, it’s the best way to go


Yes, TP-MA PCB is completely swappable with 4 MS-0-2P microswitches, they both fit the main body.

But TP-MA doesn’t have N.C. But it’s not like anyone uses the microswitches anyways.

Just use this guide for connecting directions with TP-MA:


Does anyone know how the HRAP SE guide button is wired? There’s a 4 wire ribbon for it and i’m not sure which ones to use.