HRAP EX guide button pcb map


Hello everyone!
Just trying to see if anyone has a mapping guide for the HRAP EX for xbox 360 in the guide button area.
Currently have a Brooks universal in it but using the back button as my guide as I can not figure out which line is for the Guide which is on another pcb with the mic/headset port


Get a multimeter and test


HRAP EX is pretty simple, just take apart the button panel and test it with multi-meter.

That being said, I used [this](HRAP EX-SE wiring diagram? Anyone? thread when I was rewiring the soldered microswitch lever.

With that thread it will help you understand what not to waste time testing with.


Thank you.
I manage to follow the line back and saw it was on the Guide button. And naturally i connected the ground.
I now have all buttons working fine.