Hrap ex issue; iso pro advice please help

I’ve had the hrap ex for only a few months now and am not too furious with the stick at all. The bottom microswitch seems to have flaked out on me (somewhat). In order for it to activate it needs to be pushed all the way in. with the restrictor gate set to 4-way, In crouching position a lot of the time i will be walking backwards and basic qcf moves will sometimes activate dragon punch moves. When the 4 way part of the gate is off, the stick seems to operate fine. Should just buy a replacement microswitch or may it just be a problem with the soldering? I’m new to all this and don’t want to mess up my stick. Any help is appreciated.

Sounds to me like the micro switch if anything. I’ve not seen inside of a HRAP EX, are the micro switch’s part of a PCB on the joystick? If not you could just put another micro switch in its place and re-solder the wire onto that. Best to wait for a few more opinions though if Im honest. Im not that experienced.

Replaced the microswitch and am still experiencing the same issue. Again the stick works fine without the middle portion of the restrictor plate. Im thinking I might need to buy a new joystick. I dont want to have to do any soldering on the pcb. How are the seimitsu joysticks, do they operate using the same microswitches as a jlf? Any help is appreciated.