HRAP EX not being detected

Recently I purchased HRAP EX for my xbox 360 elite edition. The package itself didn’t come with the USB breakaway cable so I had to purchase that separately (I purchased two, in case I end up losing it). My problem is that when I connect my HRAP to either my xbox 360 or my pc via usb (breakaway cable) nothing happens. I am getting similar results with both cables. Nothing is being detected!

I am not exactly sure why this is happening. Is there any settings on the xbox that needs to be enabled to be able to use of wired controllers? Any hints/ideas on how to troubleshoot is appreciated.

Note - my xbox 360 is running fine on two “wireless” controllers.


Did u get it used? Were the Breakways MS brand or some aftermarket ones?

The stick is brand new purchased from Amazon. The breakaways are not MS brand and they are purchased from here. You think they are not supported? I thought these cables are standard. It fit perfectly on the stick cable.

Supposed to come with the Breakaway though.
So this seems not right to me.

I’ve used the MS breakaways with no problems on Hori EX, but if you got it NEW, I’d return it, explain what happened to Amazon and they should replace it. It should have the breakaway included if it’s new, as jdm said, otherwise you might have gotten a returned item or something…

Well, the problem is I live outside the states and I shipped this with a friend of mine who was visiting me, so it’s kind of difficult for me to return it at the moment. What are the chances that this might be a PCB problem? Would soldering a standard USB cable to the harness help troubleshoot? I’m fairly handy and technically capable.

You do not have to solder a USB.
The HRAP uses JST EH Connector for USB.
The same USB is found in regular computer mouse.

Not all mouse will have the same though.

My Logitech mouse.

Very interesting tip jdm. I’ll give it shot tomorrow and see how things go from there.

My mouse uses JST PH though.
So yours may not have JST EH Connector.

So I didn’t manage to get my hand on mouse, so I decided to check if USB pins are mapped correctly to PCB using a voltmeter. I need your help in verifying my findings.

USB Side
Red: +5 VDC
White: Data
Green: Data
Black: Ground

JST EH connector
Green: +5 VDC
White: Data
Red: Data
Black 1: Ground
Black 2: Ground??

Is this the correct mapping? I just want to make sure the breakaway is doing its job correctly. Why the USB (Red) mapped to JST EH (Green)? What should be the JST EH pin order info (color and functionality) on the PCB? If I connect only the voltage and ground should the xbox guide button be lit automatically when I plug the USB it to PC?

I would appreciate your help guys cause I’m kind of stuck on what to do.

Not sure if this would help, but here are two pictures of my PCB



No, the USB colors are standard.
The colors on the HORI is same as USB.
But the HORI put them in different order going.

Are you saying that it is fine for HORI Green on PCB to have 5VDC?

No, VCC is Red.
Green is Data+ being.

Just to keep you updated on this guys. I finally managed to make my stick work. The problem turned out to be the breakaway as it was wrongly mapping the USB pins to the PCB (i.e. USB Red +5VDC was mapped to Green Data+ on PCB). What I did was to get a new USB cable, cut it, and solder it directly to the PCB.

Thanks jdm for the tips they really helped.