HRAP-EX PCB problem

So I’m working on a modded stick and I’m using the PCB off of an HRAP-EX. I plugged it into my 360 and got the buttons all in working order, I didn’t do the directions yet. The problem is that when I plugged it into my PC, it states that my stick got unplugged but it won’t read to my PC and 360.

I’m assuming I fried it but is there a way to fix this problem?

Some 360 sticks are known to have problem with some specific chip set on the motherboard. Try a different computer that have different chipset to confirm. You might simply be unlucky.

Just tested on three other PCs, the XBOX light doesn’t glow on the stick and it’s unreadable.


EDIT: The PCB is also extremely heated, almost burned my fingers.


you have a short somewhere. The usb 5v wire is most likely touching something else that it shouldn’t be.

Visually check all of the wires on the outer edge (the CN?_1 spots) to make sure none are touching each other or USB wires as well.