HRAP EX problem


Hey guys, my HRAP EX does 2 left inputs everytime i pull the stick left.

I think its fair to say that im not that familiar with the inner workings of a stick but i slowly hit the box for a couple times like how we used to hit TVs to make em work :wgrin: Anyway at the start it used to put 2 inputs for both up and left but now after a couple of hits its only doing it towards the left. I opened it up, just to see if it’s anything obvious but it looks like everything is connected right, all switches are ok and the connections to the stick seem solid.

What do you guys think? ::confused:


could be a problem inside the micro-switch themselves. open 'em up and take a look.


Pardon my ignorance but where would they be?


You said you opened Case, checked connections, and said switches are okay.
Switches meaning Microswitches?

Then you asked for where the Microswitches would be?
But didn’t you just check them?

Well nevermind that.
Access the Microswitches of your JLF-TM-8T(-SK-K) by removing your Restrictor Gate.

After removing the GT-8F (Restrictor Gate), you will be able to lift off your MS-Y-3 Microswitch.
Then you open Microswitch to check.

This video shows how to open a Microswitch:

Even though in the video is a JLF-TP-8YT(-SK-K)(+GT-Y), and is modding an MS-O-2P Microswitch on TP-MA (Microswitch PCB Assembly).
You still able to do.


I meant the button switches that extend from the board, though admittedly they dont have anything to do with the stick. Ill check out the video, thank you!


Hmm ok my microswitches have small round screws going through em so i can’t open it up to see what’s wrong with it… looks like this to be exact:

any tips/ideas?


Your Microswitch does not look exactly like that does it?
Because the one pictured only has two prongs.

Yours should have three.
One for Ground, one for Normally Open (NO), one for Normally Closed (NC).

This is the exact one I have, because I just received from

I’m looking at my MS-Y-3 right now too.

Here is a disassembled JLF-TM-8 that kowal took picture of:

Your Microswitch really have only two prongs?
I look at other people’s HRAP EX, and theirs have three.

These gathered from Forum:

I don’t have that little silver thing on my Microswitch.
My MS-O-2P on JLF-TP-8Y doesn’t either.

Is that silver thing really holding the Microswitch together?
I really don’t know how to help you from here. :sad:

Maybe the problem is in your HRAP EX PCB?
I don’t know. :sad:

Sorry basmane.


Thanks a lot jdm714, you went though a lot of trouble :confused:

That was just picture a i found on the net since i didnt wanna take a pic and upload it but it does actually exactly look like that. Here it is in fact and it does have three thongs;

I removed the bottom right one, corresponding to the left pull of the stick, but as I said i can’t open it because of that small round screw. The serial on it reads as V-10-1A5, i searched the forums but to no avail… :frowning:


JFL-TP-8YT have 2 contacts, normally open and ground.

ok. you can try this to see if it’s your PCB causing the problem.

get a piece of wire, power up your 360 and have your stick plugged into it. take the wire and connect it across the Normally Open and Ground sides of the spot where the switch was giving you problems.

if the problem persists, its the PCB or something else. if the problem goes away, then its your micro-switch.


basmane has a JLF-TM though, not JLF-TP.
The Microswitch on TP-MA, MS-O-2P, does indeed have two contacts.
But the MS-Y-3 should have three.

The picture that basmane just provided right now, confirmed to me that he has three, just as I thought it should.
I just questioned it because basmane posted a previous picture of Microswitch with two.
But well he was just wanting to show the silver tap thing.


Oh yes, I have something you can try.

So you think problem is with Microswitch that correspond to LEFT.
Well unsolder your Microswitches.
Keep track of them.
Rearrange your Microswitches.

If that same Microswitch exhibit problem, but happen new direction, then is Microswitch problem.
If DIRECTION LEFT is affected, then something else, could be wire, could be PCB.


Ah yea, that’d work! Thanks jdm :smiley:


Looks like the switch is gone…which one do you think i should order? Sanwa MS-0-2P is for JLFs i think but it only has 2 thongs :S


Can’t thank you enough, your help is much appreciated jdm :slight_smile:


Sanwa MS-Y-3 is the one you need; is for JLF-TM-8. sells them.

Or you can replace all four with Cherry Microswitch, Part #95-0733-01.
Lizard Lick sells.

You can use MS-O-2P if you want though.
You’ll just have smaller contacts to solder onto, as they were made for PCB use.

Two contacts do not matter on MS-O-2, because you just need Ground and NO.
MS-O-2P has just that.
MS-Y-3 has three prongs; Gound, NO, NC.

You can even buy the TP-MA (Microswitch PCB Assembly) and use that.
Would have to cut the Traces on PCB, then solder directly to Microswitch.