HRAP EX Pseudo Round Gate Mod (Now With Video)

Okay, this is a YMMV type scenario. However, I’m extremely happy with the results and it’s a good holdover until my proper gates arrive.

I first tried to round out the square gate with a step drill bit. It didn’t work. I don’t know ‘why’, but it made the diagonals harder to hit (which is funny since my big problem with the square gate is it’s too easy for me to get stuck in the diagonals).

So for shits and gigs, I just popped out the square resistor and… for the first time since I’ve gotten the stick, I can perform my supers and ultras without screwing up.

It’s great.

Now the negative is the throw will be much greater. You could pad the accuator with some tape to cheat that down. It doesn’t bother me at the moment, truth be told, but I can see how it might.

So, this is not a substitute for a proper restrictor plate but, considering our friends at Akihabarashop and Lizard Lick are on a week+ delay… it’ll get it done until your parts arrive.

How To:
Step 1)

Remove This.



circle on JLF not work

The remaining shape when removing the restrictor is basically a circle. And it works. I’m using it as we speak.


Now, while Kowal might be right that the circular gate doesn’t work (I don’t have one, so I don’t know), he is mistaken that an increased diameter circle won’t work. Because it does.

So long as the diameter of the circle is as great as the distance across from opposite corners of the square gate (1 o’clock and 7 o’clock) then the actuator will be able to hit two microswitches simultaneously.

lol sorry but you remove restrictors not make circle restrictors
actuator touches microswitch not plunger and its is still square (soft but still square) rotation not circle, because microswitches be arranged on circuit of square. you have there corner from microswitch body. therefore you hit diagonal.
You will destroy actuator.
circle restrictor on joystick without levered microswitch or square actuator it has not right to act

Pseudo round means sort-of round. You wanna call it a soft square? Fine, point is there are no longer sharp corners to get caught in.

And how do you figure it’ll destroy the actuator?

I know I’m newer at this site, but I’ve had arcade machines all of my life including a Neo-Geo which has had no restrictor plate at all for the past 10 years.

Maybe you should just get a custom Happ stick? The throw on that looks atrocious.

Haha ya, I bet that Sanwa feels like it’s in a prostitute. Must have a wicked throw.

The point isn’t for it to be permanent. Like I said in the first post, it’s just a stop-gap until my octagonal plate arrives. I know LL is moving shit as fast as they can, this just makes it tolerable.

this is going mess up your microswitches and probably not feel like a circle… bad idea

It kinda does. The maximum movement is pretty absurd. That said the minimum throw, the amount you have to move the stick in order for it to register, is actually the same.

The plate I removed restricts movement, it has no bearing on when the microswitches make contact with the actuator (which you can see in the video - I have no problem throwing one-handed srks. The point of contact is the same. I just no longer get caught in the square corners).

Again… I have sticks that have been actuator on microswitch for almost a decade with no problem. And it feels MUCH better than the square. You don’t get caught in the corners trying to do a diagonal.

And, that said, I only recommend it for a short while. I’m so frustrated with the square gate, I won’t play with it.

I did the same thing about a week ago after seeing this vid on you tube(not yours another nice 1 handed Srk btw) and i’m also waiting on a octa-gate lizzardlicks I have to agree without the restrictor the joystick is amazing the especially for SNK fighters with their long super motions Joe Higashi hates square gates lol