HRAP EX-SE joystick question


I just recently bought the hrap ex-se and i got to say, im very satisfied. i just have one question though… is it possible too mod the stick with a happ/IL?

this one to be exact Happ Joysticks


Without some serious case mods, it’d be very difficult, you need at least 3 inches of clearance in order to mount one, and a lot of mess to get it to mount in place, too.


any ideas of how this could be achieved? I’ll try anything :smiley:


First off, you’d have to remove the mounting plate for both the JLF/LS series (which would be time consuming and expensive), or get a custom panel from arthong. I’m not sure if he does a happ style mounting plate with his top replacement panels, but you could at least try. You would still then have to figure out how to fit the stick inside the case, by removing important structural components on your American style stick. It may even go as far as to actually cut part of the bottom plate/plastic plate as well. For what it’s worth, AIAB/X Arcade sticks/customs are really the only way to go. Also preordering the high-end MK9 bundle nets you an American stick, but you’d have to wait till April.


First, you need a way to extend the case at least three inches. Or there is this mod you can do to the stick to cut it down a bit:

Then you need to put new holes in to mount the stick with different screws.

Wiring isn’t so much of a big deal as just mounting it. That’s the tough part.


Thanks a lot guys, this gives me a lot to think about… I’ll post pics if i succeed