HRAP EX-SE: quick question about ball top


Hey all - long time lurker, just signed up for the forums today!

I just purchased a HRAP EX-SE for my 360 - love the feel, may change the spring for some added tension. When I was inspecting it, I decided to give the ball top a spin… it unscrewed and came off!

My question is, is this supposed to happen? I was under the impression that you needed to open the stick to get the ball top off - that’s how it is on my TE stick.

Anyone know?


No, that shouldn’t happen. You can open it up, and insert a screwdriver into the bottom to tighten it.

If it still persists, you can use some loctite to secure it in place.


Thanks for the quick reply! Upon getting home, I realized that it only uncrews when im holding the shaft, otherwise it spins left and right freely. There’s no shaft cover on this stick… different than the TE in that aspect.


Yes, it doesn’t have a shaft cover because it is EX-SE, all Seimitsu. And comes with LS-32, so no shaft cover exists for it.


Yeah, the LS-32 in the EX-SE lacks a shaft cover, unlike the JLF in the TE. If you grip the shaft too tight, it could cause the ball to come loose. Try having a looser grip. And as Nerrage mentioned, remove the top plate and use a flathead on the bottom of the stick to tighten it down.


I was able to fix it without opening up the stick, since there is no shaft cover. Now that that’s sorted, I have a few more questions for you fine gentlemen regarding my new purchase:

Browsing Lizardlick, I notice they have shaft covers for the LS-40 - would these fit on my stick?

How about bat tops? If so, how would I get one to fit correctly?

Is switching the spring to a LS-56 advisable for added tension? How easy is it to do?


You have to replace the shaft, actuator, spring holder, and a few other things. The whole process to get LS-40 shaft cover on LS-32 is here:

For a bat top, you need a Sanwa Screw adaptor and a bat top. These will work on LS-32 and LS-40 shafts just fine.

LS-56 spring is not advisable. It is too big. A lot of people like to add in LS-33 springs with their existing spring, but that is for JLF, I don’t know if it works with LS-32, but likely so. You could try LS-55 spring. Or add in a JLF spring with your LS-32 spring. I just say buy a bunch of springs, and mix and match to your heart’s content until you find what you like. I’d get LS-33, LS-55, use existing LS-32 (LS-40 and LS-32 use same spring), and maybe a JLF spring. Then just mix and match. I don’t know what you’d like.