HRAP EX-SE sanwa mounting problem


So i have come across of a bit of a problem. the other day i just receive my new HRAP EX-SE. I’m not much of a fan of the LS-32, so i open the stick and took out the LS-32 and try to switch it out with my Sanwa JLF. And i notice on the mounting bracket on the metal panel, there are no threads on the holes for the Sanwa JLF mounting plate to screw in the the bolts:tdown::sad:. I tried using the old screws from the LS-32, but it just won’t fit without the threads. Has anyone else come across this problem on their EX-SE? If so, how can i mount my JLF without the threads?


All are like that.

If you have HRAP that comes default JLF, then holes for Seimitsu are not threaded.
If you have HRAP that comes default Seimitsu, then holes for JLF are not threaded.

You have to thread yourself.
I used the old screws to do it.


oh i see. thanks for the info