HRAP EX-SE USB cord broke

=( Is there anyway to get a replacement or fix?

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This is what happened.

I dunno. I hear it’s really hard to get replacements…

Seriously though, you might not be able to keep the strain relief but you can just buy any six to ten foot USB cord, chop one end and solder it up correctly inside the HRAP.

Weird double-post. I swear I only hit submit once.

I just fixed a fucked up cable yesterday on one of those.

unscrew the bottom plate, if the internal wires of that cable are OK and not ripped yet just pull that section inside of the cable compartment. Then use some zip ties to keep it in place around the plastic standoffs inside. You’ll shorten the cable by a few inches but won’t have to worry about it ripping any further.

If the wires are really jacked up, I cut the section and then do some splicing via soldering with shrink wrap to finish, but I still pull the section inside and zip tie things tight.

Doesn’t look like ANY wires are cut, So id just use electrical tape around it a bunch of times if it still works and no wires are cut, I wouldn’t digg inside of it with no knowledge, Or if it’s still under warranty send it in

If the cabe still works and nothing is broken then this is whatyou do. Unscrew the bottom, then tie a knot in your cord. Place the knot on the inside of your stick past where the tear is. Take the knot and put it up against the wire notch, like so. Make sure the frayed part is inside the case.