Hrap ex-se

Just wondering what people think of the new hrap ex-se. This is my first fighting stick and I think it’s pretty awesome. I’d like to know what more experienced people think of this stick and how it compares to other sticks.

Out of the box it’s a top of the line stick.

looks dope man gonna grab the HRAP-EX and buy my own clear buttons (gonna put burberry pattern in them gucci for the start/back) i’ll definatly post my thoughts. Other than the buttons I don’t see why people would slam these so much

No one slams HRAPs.

CygnusZero does.

Still getting used to the square gate and the stick is smaller than the ones I’m used to. I think we had the Happ sticks when I was heavily into the arcade scene (I was in my early teens when Street Fighter 2 came out).

On the whole, very sensitive and accurate. It will be a while before my skill is equal to what the unit is capable of.

non-common ground pcb; fully modding the mic and guide btn+quadrant leds to the madcatz arcade retro pcb was quite the nightmare.