HRAP EX Stick Problem

Hi, I have recently encountered a problem with this stick where the ball won’t quit unscrewing from atop the stick. Is this a common problem? Anyway to fix it?


It is a relatively easy fix for any Japanese style joystick.

You have to open up tour arcade controller, remove the top panel and find the Joystick on the underside of the panel.
Underneath you see that the joystick haft has a slot in it, place the blade of a flat head screw driver there, use the screw driver to help tighten the ball top.

Unfortunately the Hori EX will be time consuming to dissemble, the underside panel have to be removed first so you can access the nuts holding the bolts for the top panel.
have some containers or zip lock bags ready to store your screws.

HRAPs ARE awesome… though as said, they’re a twat to open. The balltop problem will keep happening through regular use, so I recommend buying these for easy access.

IF you dont ever plan on getting a new balltop, you can use plumber’s tape around the bolt to hold it on. Makes it super tight though.

Elmers Glue works wonders as a repalcement for Loctite.

Thanks for the replies. I’ll try to open it up and see what happens.