HRAP EX (then mod with Sanwa buttons) or Madcatz TE?


My Madcatz SE stick is just completely breaking at all of the seams. The joystick is getting really bad (loose and less responsive), the buttons are getting unresponsive, and there is a short on the PCB which causes RB (right bumper) to not work, so I needed to rewire the insides of the stick to make it usable (though it is still annoying as heck in menus, and unusable for some games).

For this reason, I am looking into buying a new stick. I could buy a Madcatz TE xbox 360 stick for 135$ new right now, or I could buy a HRAP EX for the xbox 360 for 130$, plus sanwa buttons for ~25-30$.

I like the Vewlix button scheme better, I like the dimensions of the TE stick better, and the TE stick is cheaper, plus I don’t have to wait a month for lizardlick to ship the buttons.

The only thing bugging me is the fact that my SE stick PCB got a short circuit after only 100 hours of play (as of now I have maybe 500 hours of play on the stick, so the fact that the Madcatz joystick and buttons have lasted me even this long is surprising).

So, basically, my questions are:

  1. How reliable is the PCB of the TE stick? Is it the same PCB as the one in the SE stick (because I would obviously then doubt its reliability)?

  2. How reliable is the TE stick in general in comparison to the HRAP EX?

  3. Is opening the HRAP EX difficult at all? Is there a guide/video anywhere for me to look at?

  4. How good is Madcatz customer support, and how good is Hori customer support (bear in mind that I live in New Jersey, in the USA)?

  5. Have they made any improvements since the launch of the TE stick?

  6. What do you guys personally suggest?

I greatly appreciate any advice/info you guys can give me. Thanks in advance.


Oh yea, and can anyone compare the two voice chat headphone jacks?


well Yanks… i got a HRAP3 and a TE … while i cant comment on mic jacks … the HRAP is easy to mod just a lil tedious to get it open as you need to take out the screws on the bottom plate and then 7mm to get the nuts out… and ive got a first run TE and a 2nd one too, havent had a issue with either one… just boils down to preference i think…


I’ll just link my post from the big thread about TE.


^^Yeesh…that makes me thing I should go with the HRAP.

But then again, Walmart is now selling the TE. I could just have them ship it to the store, and if it doesn’t work, I can always return it. If an item is defective, I can return it to Walmart basically whenever right? I mean, I don’t have to return it within a certain time from the purchase date right?


Walmart has a crazy generous return policy, but I’m pretty sure it’s 90 days for electronics. It’s not indefinite. Once you pass 90 days they look up the manufacturer’s warranty info and print it out for you.


Ya, I just called them. They said that its 90 days on a defective product. I feel that within 90 days I will be able to get a grasp on whether the PCB is good or not. I am gonna go with Madcatz here, solely because of Walmart.

If Walmart would pricematch, that would be awesome. But alas, I would rather have the 90 day return policy for an extra 15 bucks.


The arc of the buttons is different, if that matters to you. I have a Madcatz and HRAP both with Sanwa and I find the HRAP much more comfortable, especially for Blazblue and NeoGeo games.


i also have both and prefer the hrap, however once sanwa modded the hrap comes out slightly more costly