HRAP EX vs Madcatz SE Stick

I already have a TE stick for my PS3, but I am still in need for one for my 360. I was set on getting an SE stick but then found out Amazon and Arcade Shock finally have HRAP EX’s in stock. Which should I get? I know the HRAP already comes with a JLF, but is it an easier artwork mod than the SE?

Help Please.

Both are extremely easy to mod. Simply swap out crappy OEM parts and replace with Sanwa stick and buttons. What you should consider is the weight and portability. HRAP is heavier and bigger some prefer it because its more stable, some like the portability of the SE sticks smaller and lighter, good for quick pick up games at friends or tournies. I bought myself a TE just to have it (since its will be a collector’s item) but for everyday use, I am leaning toward SE sticks then put in all Sanwas myself. I like smaller form factor box than HRAP.


I like the SE stick more.

My post from the other thread.

I honestly like the HRAP more so than the SE. Changing the artwork is neither harder or easier on either of them, it’s the same procedure, so it isn’t a factor.

Just go with what dimensions you want. If you prefer a stick that is heavier and has a wider base get the HRAP, if not than the SE.

Personally i just like the feel and the size of the Hrap ex over the SE most likely because im a big guy lol the SE feels a bit small. Also if you perfer playing on the floor or playing on a bed the height of the hrap is easier on your back.

HRAP EX. Change the buttons with sanwa counterparts and voila; your hrap is a SF TE fighting stick in a heavier but different box.

I’ve played a bit on a HRAP ex and I’d say to go with that, especially as the SE is similar dimensions to the Hori EX2 which is just too light and moves easy. Depending on how soon Lizard Lick is getting the Madcatz TE for those of us who preordered, I may just get the Hrap EX instead. It feels nice with Sanwa buttons, and it will probably get you laid all the same, which is why we’ve been talking about joysticks constantly on here right?

Lol Hey baby you know i got a full sanwa modded hrap ex at the crib right :wink:


Thanks again fight stick

Lol That is the world i hope to live in

I gave my wife a lecture on the differences between Sanwa & Seimitsu buttons & afterwards she claimed not to be good to go. She’s obviously defective & divorce papers are imminent.

Did you get prenup warranty? :stuck_out_tongue: