HRAP Hayabusa for Xbox One releases Nov 9th. $150 w/free shipping on Amazon


50 bucks less than the American counterparts. Uses Hori branded Hayabusa joystick and KURO buttons. Hayabusa joystick is said to be a bit tighter than Sanwa sticks, but just as responsive. Buttons are a similar deal. Bit tighter, but supposedly just as responsive and can supposedly last longer than Sanwa buttons.

Looking for a joystick for KI with a bit less of a punch in the wallet, this is something.


Boy, this price tag is hard to beat. I wonder if Madcatz will up the ante?


Apparently the version that Hori is putting out for the PS4 is also compatible with the PS3 . . . really wish that dual compatibility was also the case for the Xbox counterpart sticks.


Want me to help twist the blade?

Pre-release demo unit.

I have no idea why Microsoft actively chooses to separate and lock their drivers on console. Either the pre-release architecture must have been different, or that $200 must feel really nice to pocket.


Yeah you twisted it, but if you could just leave it in so I don’t bleed out before the paramedics arrive I’d appreciate it.

Also, totally off topic, but toward the end of that video there’s a guy standing on the opposite side of the gaming unit who looks uncannily like a certain member of the cast of MTV’s The Real World: Philidelphia. Probably not, but he looks just like that Brosky Landon.