HRAP HP2-159 Stick modifiable?


I have an old PS2 Hori HRAP it says HP-159 on the back plate. I would like to swap out the Sanwa stick inside with a seimitsu LS-40 or LS-56 stick can this be done easily? I’ve noticed that some people say some of the old HRAP sticks can’t be modified for a different stick. And some require a different plate.


HRAP Capcom Fighting Jam actually has Universal Mounting Bracket.

Use Seimitsu LS-40-01 with default Seimitsu Mounting Plate.
Use Seimitsu LS-56-01 with Seimitsu Mounting Plate P=40.
Use Seimitsu LS-56-01 with MS Mounting Plate.

No to LS-56-01 with default VF Mounting Plate.
Yes to the above list.


Pardon me,

But wouldn’t he actually want to use the SS Mounting Plate with the LS-40-01 if that HRAP clone has a universal mounting plate?

Personal experience, the LS-40-01 is way too short with the RE Mounting Plate… It sits something like an inch above the faceplate with the RE Mounting Plate. The SS Mounting Plate will sit the LS-40 shaft higher and at the correct clearance height. He needs swap out the default LS-40 mounting plate and buy an SS Mounting Plate to use with the LS-40-01.

The only time I’ve been able to use the RE Mounting Plate with the LS-40-01 is with mods where I took the welded mounting plates off the faceplate (Tekken 5 American, Arcana Heart 2).


You are right.
I was in rush to type.
My mistake on the LS-40-01.


Not a big deal…

You had an off day!
(In English parlance – “brain fart.” I have those every other day…)

But anyhow, I’m surprised Hori made a licensed HRAP with a universal mount!?!?!? What, they did something convenient for modders once a long time ago BEFORE Mad Catz forced them to up the quality of the entire HRAP line? :wink: (Had to be a fluke, or it was cheaper to produce the Jam arcade stick with leftover HRAP ver. A faceplates.)

That’s something for people who bitch today to consider… Soldered-in, low-quality buttons used to the Hori standard for most of its joystick line.
This business of making every new HRAP (V3/VX) joystick an “SA” model with quick disconnects didn’t happen until Mad Catz TE line set a standard Hori had to meet. No more limited edition SA models for a few and lower-end HRAPs (with Hori buttons promptly thrown away) for most of us… Hori could no longer force “Tercels” on an audience that wanted at least a “V6 Camry”!

Except for this Fighting Edge joystick – nobody’s done a production joystick before with that much technology in it and new quality arcade-style parts custom-designed for it --, can’t it really be said that Hori’s really trying to catch up to Mad Catz?