HRAP in the lap?

I’m sorry if this doesn’t belong here, but I got some comments that my question didn’t belong in General. “Lap” is not an acceptable search term because it is too small.

I’ve read through the whole “Everything you want to know about HRAPs but were afraid to ask” thread. I now know how to put an LS-32 into a HRAP3 and, more surprisingly, I even know why I shouldn’t bother to do this. (Answer: Because the JLF is just fine, deal with it.) No where have I found anyone make any assertions on what qualities are best in a stick for playing on your lap and if the HRAP3 is appropriate for this.

I’m inclined to buy a HRAP3 because I doubt I’ll be able to get a reasonable price on the Mad Catz SFIV TE, and I’m not sure I want the Gimp Edition. I’m also interested in the XCM Dominator, so Mark if you see this please give me your impressions. You’re lucky this goddamn forum won’t let noobs like me PM! :arazz:

Are larger bases like the Dominator and Mad Catz sticks better for sitting in your lap or would the more compact HRAP3 be more comfortable? I’m concerned about stability and comfort. I’ve had wrist problems (tendinitis) in the past so I’m always trying to avoid that nightmare.

Thanks a lot. This is a great community!

  1. You can’t put an LS-32-01 into a HRAP3, well not without serious modding.
  2. The “Gimp Edition” as you put it can easily be modded to have the same parts as the TE.

Like I said, “lap” is not an acceptable search term.

I play mostly with it in my lap, so ya its good for that. I have also played with it on the floor at on the desk, it works well in pretty much all situations.

I never asked you to search…we have a thread specifically for asking questions like this. Its not something that requires its own thread.

The HRAP3 is not a compact stick. It is virtually the same size as the MadCatz TE stick, which is only slightly deeper.

I play with an HRAP2 SA in my lap all the time and it works great. HRAP3 is essentially identical in terms of weight, control placement, etc.

I usually search the forums via Google since vBulletin search is kinda shitty, especially for short words. Try: “tech talk” hrap lap

I’m sorry, I read that first post too quickly and thought it was just a dismissive response. You are correct, I should have posted this there.

Thank you, DOA.

That’s a really handy tip RoboKrikit, thanks a lot. Sure enough I found “gets the job done and is comfortable to play with either on table or in your lap” with a search on +harp and +lap.

By compact I meant depth. The TE has a LOT of surface area because of its depth. The GE looks to be a bit bigger than the HRAP3 too. That was more specifically my question; obviously one would expect the greater amount of surface area to be helpful for stability. But does that effect comfort when playing from the lap? As I said, I’ve had wrist strain before and I’m wary.

I’m left handed and sit cross-legged if that helps. (Little call-back for Indy there :lovin:)

I prefer playing with my HRAP on my lap while sitting in a chair. Playing with it on my lap while sitting cross legged is a bit uncomfortable to me, so I just play it on the floor if there are no chairs around.

I use my Hori Real Arcade Pro 3 in my lap the majority of the time. It works perfectly fine.

the hrap should be fine on your lap … its big and heavy enough so that its not moving around your lap like a hori fs3 or ex2 but its not too big so it would be unconfortable …

i need to learn playing on a lap too … you are way more flexible with it … not everywhere is a desk where you can place your stick.

I agree. Set it on your lap and youll be fine. I’m also not a fan of the floor or desk placements.

Straight on the floor is too low for me, my back will arch hurt like hell after a while. On the lap is okay, but I feel the stick will slowly start to slide and slant towards one direction.

Best for me so far is to put in on a small stand or box then put the HRAP on top of that.