HRAP: is there a DIY to make it top loading?


so im getting really annoyed of taking off the bottom of my t5 hori stick(HRAP i believe is the same way) to open my stick up…is there a way to make it top loading with parts easily found at a store? i know about the tek innovations ones, i just didnt want to order one tiny little part just for that when i know there must be an easier way of doing it


Glue the nuts in place with some really strong stuff.


You also need to swap out the carriage bolts for conventional ones.


Should work. Also, you’d need to replace the bolts with something that can be unscrewed from the top. The size that comes in HRAP sticks (and TE sticks, for that matter) is M4.


We pretty much posted at the same time…haha. Anyway, M4 screws, about 14mm in length being ideal.


I thought the swapping the bolts bit was obvious.


yep, thats exactly how I did it.

I bought matching plastic nuts and superglued them in place and bought screws that fit into them


Sounds a lot harder than just ordering from Tek Innovations, lol.


nope, one of the easiest mods you can do. just go to your hardware store, buy the parts, take out the shit screws and nuts, put in new screws and nuts, then glue around the nuts. let dry and ur done


It was. Haha.

And there you have it.


Nutserts and tool


yeah i think im gonna try it again cuz i tried that yesterday only i put a tiny amount of superglue on the nut and screwed it in place but it ended up superglueing the bolt down lol…me and superglue have had some problems working together

ill try it again cuz it seems like its the only option


You should just go replace the nut and the screw with a 6-32 nuts and bolts and instead of super glue you should have used a two part mix epoxy that comes in a double syringe, and applied it with a tooth pick or cut up some of the plastic packaging to use as a trowel scooper.