HRAP Japanese Amazon Edition


I didnt see anything about it on the Hori version sticky. Its the black/orange one. Is it basically a regular hrap or anything else good/bad about it?


Is the one you’re talking about the PS1 stick?

…I didn’t like the button layout that curved upward right, and hori stock buttons gotta be swapped.


this one…

I didnt realize it was a ps1 stick, damn its old. lol
Yeah, it does have the buttons go upward. Not sure how i would like it since i cant try it out.
Im looking between this and a hrap2. And yes, i plan to change the buttons and balltop on which ever one i end up getting.


I read on sdtekken that it was made for the ps2


The layout on this HRAP is the worst one Hori has used. It reminds me of the Vewlix layout slightly.

I recommend getting the HRAP2 it has the original Japanese style layout.


wtf are you talking about the outer 6 buttons are the best! and on the newer layout its all about that inner 6. cmon now


I don’t like the buttons far from the joystick like some. I prefer the more traditional Japanese style layout.

Also if you use the outer buttons the Start and Select get in the way. Just my personal preference.

When it comes to Japanese Arcades the default layout is the one used on the HRAP2 so it’s a good place to start if you have no bias or preference.

I finally got to 100 posts off to the sales outlet. :rofl:


It is a HRAP1 ver.B. What that means is…

-It has that button layout. Love it or hate it. I prefer it to the HRAP2/3 layout.
-It is a PS2/PS1 stick.
-Sanwa stick, Hori buttons. Buttons have QDs but the stick is not so easy to switch out for a Seimitsu.

I ordered one of these recently and love it.


Blackknight- what games do you use that stick for? arent the first 4 buttons in “traditional” position? Most of the games i play are 4 button anyway, Tekken, Kof, JJBA etc.
Also, have you remapped the buttons? or you left them in stock position? I want to put the L’s and R’s as the last four buttons. just curious to how much slack they give to each button.


Hi guys,

I am just ordered this arcade stick, but I was wondering if the buttons can be replaced with the OBSF-30RG sanwa buttons. I can’t seem to find much information with regards to what dimensions the Hori buttons uses.

Thanks in advance for those who know.


Any 30mm buttons will be fine, whether they are Sanwa or Seimitsu.


Thanks FunkyF, I will now go and order some Sanwa’s then.


Maverick, did you ebay your Amazon HRAP1 or order it from a store? Shoot me a PM or email me.


i was originally gonna get that hrap1 but the price shot up like $40 bucks. I think $150 is too much for that one.


it’s the same old hrap everyone has come to know and love. amazon jp just has an exclusive orange version. I have one of those.


Hey Funky, sent you a PM, it is still available for order. If you have even more money to blow you can get the HRAP2SA from that site.


Looks like my post count is not enough for PM…

This is where I bought my stick:

Same place has the HRAP2SA.