Hrap mod w/ etched alluminum

Made for a friend, Looking for some feedback on this.

and the rest of the images can be found here

The logo plate thingy is made from a piece of aluminum sheet metal. I cut out the 4 letters out of some stiffish paper and glued them on with a glue stick, then painted over with some leftover enamel paint in a can. After that, I peeled off the paper leaving a couple areas unprotected by the enamel. Ideally, I should be doing this by the iron on method with printer toner (so I can print out my designs), but the toner transfer part is difficult and requires special paper so I gave up on that.

Holy crap.

Chippermonky… thanks for your pic of the insides.

I’m assuming that’s the mirror top HRAP1?
Because the HRAP1 that I got, white top, has a different metal plate on the inside that DOESN’T let you install a seimitsu stick into it.

Also… Hori didn’t even include the mounting plate for the stick and just attached it to the inside with just 2 metal screws.

Very dissappointing.

don’t know what the purpose of that “thing” was but to be honest with you, it looks like shit; literally you should have left it stock and that mirror finish sucks ass.

yeah thanks, lucky I wasn’t expecting good feedback on it. I’ve been experimenting with metal etching in hopes of making something better and this was just another experiment, didn’t think the metal would actually look so great with the mirror finish and it doesn’t. ACtually it does, but not that great.

And geezus, do some research, the mirror finish is stock on all hraps, not something I did.

I like it. And I sure as hell like it more than the turbo switches that are usually there.

Its a good idea but looks like a bit of a mess. With some more practise Im sure it will be good.

Really after thinking about it, I think the biggest problem going for it is the type of lettering. Since they’re real blockey with little edges, just kinda looks like random blocks etched on there. If they had more deffinition or something, I’m sure it’d look loads better to the unaware.

Thanks, I’m kinda starting to like it better than the switches that were orignally there myself too.

Yeah, I was thinking that too. Unfortunatey, I had to cut the shapes with a dull knife and it would have probably looked much worse if I tried to make the letters more defined. The messyness is due to the enamel resist not transfering properly and so I just made it more messy to complement the blocky letters as I figured I’d might as well go all the way. The better way to doing something like this is with transfering printer toner with an iron, but you need good paper which I don’t have :*(.

Honestly, why does it have to be etched?

I was thinking of doing something similar with my HRAP2, because I took out the turbo switches… possibly some kind of name plate as well.

Just to throw out some ideas, since that particular area is concave, you can get away with a lot of materials you normally can’t use on the faceplate since it won’t get into contact with anything very VERY infrequently, so you can use stuff that’s a little less durable than you’d normally use and not have to worry about it getting FUBAR quickly (within months I’d assume).

-Metal plate with vinyl lettering
-Clear or opaque plexi with vinyl or hell, even a custom acrylic/enamel mini painting to give it that extra bit of personalization
-Perhaps going to a plastic specialty shop, getting something cut out with laser etching for something super classy

These are all ideas I have in my head for that space, but I have neither the time nor the $$$ to do it


Holy crap.

I just thought of something neat.
I’ll get back to this post if I get the chance to follow through on it.

haha idea hoarding. I’ll be waiting for this.

I decided to etch it more or less because I wanted to. Everyone’s done printed artwork, where’s the fun in that. I really like etching and the things you can do with it so that’s what I decided to do.

O… it’s nothing super cool. Just something neat for me to try out on a Tekken 5 stick.

I got a metal bit for my power drill, and have already installed a seimitsu stick onto a tekken 5 plate, but with that bit, I want to try drilling through the main plate at the top left and putting another name plate there. I want to use the holes in the plastic case normally for the HRAP pcb to hold the plate down. That way I don’t have to get really small bolts and nuts to hold it on the plate.