Hrap on ebay 4 cheap only 2 hrs left

just lettin u srk cats no theres an hrap 2 all sanwa mod for 100 bux wit only 1 bid an 2 hrs left check that shit out i would buy it if i had the money

How about a link because ebay search isn’t giving me anything

i just put hori arcade on my search

Someone get it quick!

Damn it only went for $137? I was about to sell my pair on EBay too but this is kind of discouraging. What happened to the stock ones going for $200 not long ago?

Ebay is a fickle beast. I sold one of my Harps for over $250 while another when for $180.:rolleyes:

dude i got my stock hrap on ebay for 80 dollars best offer dude had like 10 of them at one time then the next week gone like my sack of weed wit a fine honey.

I know I got a couple off that guy too. Also sold them on EBay for $200+ :china: