HRAP SE/SA Common Ground?

Does anyone know if this stick uses a common ground PCB?

Did a search and found a bunch of stuff about the EX but nothing on the SE/SA (not surprising since they haven’t shipped in the US yet to my understanding).

I’m looking to pick one of these up and dual mod it (imp/cthulu) but that becomes much more challenging/impossible if it isn’t a common ground PCB.

Thanks in advance.

Common Ground, yes.
But why use Cthulhu on an HRAP, HRAP 2, HRAP 3?

Cthulhu is PS3 and PC.
Multi-Console Cthulhu is Xbox, PlayStation, PlayStation 2, PlayStation 3, Gamecube and PC.

So if you are wanting Xbox 360, Cthulhu is not for you.
You have not said which Console in the Dual Mod, so I don’t know; Cthulhu may be for you.

Picking up the HRAP SE when it ships from Amazon on the 19th (hopefully), it’s a 360 stick.

Adding an imp with cthulu in addition to the existing 360 PCB.

i was told you can’t with the stock hori pcb in the harp ex because it doesnt have common ground when i had one i will assume that 1 will be no diffrent they just changed the color of the case and added seimitsu parts

HRAP EX is not common ground, so you can’t dual mod it.

Oh, so when you typed SE and SA, you meant HRAP EX SE and HRAP EX SA.
Cannot add Cthulhu; HRAP EX is non-Common Ground.

Well you can, but with more work.
Use Optocouplers or Hex Inverters and Analog Switch to make non-Common Ground into Common Ground.

Weak, ok thanks very much for the information.