HRAP V3 Kai PCB help


Hello, I needed some help identifying things that aren’t exactly labeled on the PCB. I bought a hitbox style arcade stick, it has a cool little acrylic case. But it came with one of those zero delay encoders, that shows up as a generic chinese controller on pc. The guy i picjed it up from also included an HRAP V3 Kai pcb, which is what I plan on using for the time being. most of the stuff is labeled, but i need help with the directions, usb and home button. here are a few pictures.

i mostly play on pc, but I would like to be able to play SFV on PS4 every now and then as well as cleaning up the wiring inside.

tl;dr: need pinout for HRAP V3 Kai pcb, for use in hitbox stle controller

thanks in advance.


CN2 is for directions, pin 1 is GND and you can test the other pins for which directions they are. CN1 is for USB. Home signal is somewhere on CN 3 or 4, you won’t hurt anything by connecting a button to GND and just connecting it to each pin until you find the Home signal.


okay, cool. so is it safe to assume that pin 1 is pretty much always gonna be the ground? i might have to wait til i get back from vacation, unless my dad has soldering stuff hiding around the house somewhere.