Hrap v3 Sa issues pretty lame issue too >.<

I just got a v3 2 to 3 weeks ago
played it for 4 sessions of tekken 6 that first day, put it away till yesterday with Paro-Da we used it for a session of street fighter HDR and after we fought a couple of fights it would not respond to him. I resetted the system and it would work then die 5 min later this happend 5 times right after the initial problem. Now keep in mind the sticks red light still worked but no response from the stick. What are my options? Please help :frowning:

I’d return it or see about your warranty with Hori, since you only got it a few weeks ago.

I got it off another member here, but I’m pretty sure it was never opened. Will check when I get home.

Ok let’s help Rumble! :wink: but yeah that warranty sticker was broken :frowning:

Pictures of the insides are always helpful.

If nothing responds it might be an abused USB cable, it shouldn’t be hard to replace if you have a 20W soldering iron. Also some pictures of the insides would be nice.