HRAP V3-SA/VX-SA acrylic covers

Has anyone made acrylic covers for either of these Hori sticks to allow for easier art mods? I’ve been searching and haven’t found anything.

Last I checked, ArtHong doesn’t make plexis for the V series yet. Not sure about Bencao or the other guys.

Keep an eye on the Project LLC thread…

The propietor, blklightning, says he might do a Lexan cover if and when he gets his hands on an HRAP V3 SA/SX. Project: LLC Metal Replacement Panels Round 9 Stainless Steel

Frankly, I’m surprised nobody’s done this one yet… The HRAP V3 joystick style has been around 18 months on the market. The only issues I could forsee making it not worth a vendor’s time is lack of demand and possibly HRAP V3 case issues. Sure, a an acrylic or Lexan cover could be made but is it practical to install? The faceplate IS sunk in a little on the HRAP V3 case so tolerances are going to be tighter for a plexi cover than they would be on either the Mad Catz TE or previous HRAP’s. I’d like to know if you could retrofit an HRAP V3 with M4 button head screws or do you need to stick with the existing screws? I guess we’ll see when someone actually makes this cover.

(The “existing screws” could themselves be an issue. Granted, you can already crack TE and HRAP plexis with button head screws if you’re not careful but are the HRAP V3 screws like the Agetec faceplate screws with the inverted cone screws? I really dunno. I haven’t taken my HRAP V3 apart to see — I’d destroy the existing art(!) — and I haven’t heard from the guys who HAVE taken off the the HRAP V3/VX art. They didn’t say a word about the existing screws. Would be nice to know what the diameter of the HRAP V3 faceplate screws are and what style.)

I don’t think as many people own the HRAP V3 cases as the older style HRAP’s; there certainly are not as many HRAP V3 SA owners as Mad Catz TE joystick owners… Not in North America at any rate.

hmmm…how would you hold it down after? doesn’t really have any screws like a TE.


The HRAP V3 SA/SX faceplate DOES have screws… They’re just underneath the existing faceplate art just like the old Hori Fight Stick joysticks and the Hori V3/VX sticks. Like those joysticks, you WILL ruin the original art trying to get at the screws. No if’s, and’s, or but’s about it. There’s no other way to access the faceplate panel screws without ripping the original art off.

The question is WHAT KIND of screws are they? Diameter, head style, etc… That has a dramatic impact on the design of the plexis for the joystick.

For example — One issue with the Agetec plexis (that Art Hong makes) is that there are no button heads available that will fit into the existing screw holes. You have to reuse the existing Agetec faceplate screws but the problem is they can cause spiderline cracks in the plexi if you tighten them too much. The Agetec faceplate screws have an “inverted cone” head which creates an issue with the plexi; unless there’s another viable alternative, it’s something the Agetec plexi owner has to deal with…

where can you get custom artwork for this stick? (PS3)

The screws are a special kind of thread cutting screws, you can not use the ones that are stock because they are too small but not to worry as i include the exact same screws only longer to secure the panel and lexan cover to the casing. Also because this is lexan and not acrylic you dont have to worry about cracking it.
Rap V3/VX lexan covers are available now.
Here are some pics of the first stock lexan covers

You can see the screws are really small so the dont really stick out.

Also Full metal panel replacements

vewlix mk

also available are astro, straight, and of course custom

I am trying to work things out with artwork so i can offer it as well

@ blklightning21-Somehow I knew you would post here, keep up the good work bro :china:

I have one on my VX-SA. It was customed ordered through a friend of mine who got it cut. Basically you just need to know the dimensions of the front plate which you can use the template for art along with the buttons there. After that, you can just drill the holes in on your own if you have the equipment for it

Thanks alot my man that is very much appreciated.:slight_smile:

Glad I found this. My VX SA is in the mail.