HRAP VX/3 SA Art/Button/ Link JLF Tutorial

Hey guys, it’s your buddy 6ixx here with some online goodies to share. Some time ago, I was busy on stick project. I always admired custom sticks and always wanted to try modding my own one day. When I actually starting putting the work into making the stick and putting the money to fund my habbits, I got really excited.

I asked around for a bunch of peoples advice on how to go about modding this stick. I got some help from quite a few people here on the SRK forums so I thought when I did mod the stick, that I’d capture it on camera. Having a full time job has kept me busy from releasing it up until now, and I had some of my co-workers and friends help me with the project.

I was actually quite surprised that no one has done a modding tutorial about the VX/3 series sticks, but I’m happy to be able to share my experience along with you guys. Sorry for the background noise. We had the fan on :stuck_out_tongue:

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**Part 1 **


Part 2:


**Link JLF Mod **(Credits to Vivo)


Thanks for watching!

just finished watching this. thank you very much, but i was thinking of not removing the stick. i was wondering if you could put a plexi glass over and not have any problems with the buttons snapping on.

yes you can i am working on that tutorial and other tutorials and it will be released soon.

thank you for the reply. will wait for that. cause i was thinking of now removing the sticker and place a printout then a plexi just like what others do to their sticks.

You can easily do a artwork mod with plexi. You still have to remove the original artwork because they hide the screws, but with a plexi finish, it allows you to do more dynamic options such as a 6 button layout instead of an 8. I think it also gives a better shine to the stick and prevents your picture from getting messed up if you dropped some liquid on it

thanks very much :slight_smile: i’ll think about removing the original sticker. if it’ll be possible not to remove it, i’ll go with having it on.

its possble to remove the art. should come off in 1 piece.

does anyone have a template with the screw holes?

Yeah, here’s a link for ya. Depending on what type of design you want, you can grab their photoshop template here Templates.html

If plexi is what you need, go here

They even include the special screws required to mount this thing in place.

currently thinking of it cause i’m kinda worried with doing the transaction cause i’m from the east. don’t get me wrong but i’ll do some research first as well :slight_smile:

When you say the east, do you mean the far east (China, Japan, and etc) or do you just mean east coast (NYC, Jersey, etc)? If you live in the states, you shouldn’t have a problem getting this stick. I got mines off of for 140 bucks flat. That was the best deal I could find :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes, I’m from the states

If I remember correctly it was 30 pound glossy paper

I believe changing one graphic to a stick applies to all other sticks thus people using existing threads to give their pointers. Atleast this was the lesson I learned years ago when I first got my SE stick for a label/decal and shortly after, a Qanba Q3 for plexi graphic. These past 3 years, I believe there are only two methods for graphic modding; Decal or Card Stock.

A third would be my wrap style but that’s really not a cost efficient method unless you know someone with the equipment.

I totally forgot to mention that the paper I used has an adhesive backing. Be sure to ask for adhesive backing.

EDIT: Added a link JLF video I found on youtube as well as changed the name of the topic to something more fitting