HRAP VX SA or Madcatz TE


hey guys, i just got a 360 and I’m on the fence for what stick i should get. I have a TE-S for PS3 and it works great, it’s just the VX SA is maaaaaad sexy. is one better than the other? i know they both have all sanwa parts but this is more asking about the Hori board vs the Madcatz board and the overall build of the stick.


Why not just dual modify your existing PS3 TES to work on 360?


I just purchased the VX-SA from I can give you my opinion of which I prefer in a couple of days when it comes in.


I’m also interested in this matter and would luv to hear moar thoughts.


I’ve owned both and as of now, I’m currently using the VX-SA. They’re both great sticks, but I personally prefer the VX to the TE. There’s an ongoing thread comparing the two boards, seen here:

However, the difference in responsiveness is minuscule at best, so that alone shouldn’t be the determining factor in your decision. Also, the VX apparently doesn’t have any of the trigger button problems that some of the TEs seem to have. Other than that, the VX is lighter (a plus for me) and has to be opened from the bottom to mod. My decision to stick with the VX mostly came down to aesthetics.


plenty of space inside…to add weight potentially?


I had both the TE and a V3 SA, the TE is now sold and the V3 is my main stick. The case is sturdier and made with thicker plastic than the TE’s so no need to worry about durability. Most of the same features are there, but the biggest draw for me(other than looks) is the angled palm rest. It really does help for extended periods of play whereas on the TE i felt like i was getting carpal tunnel after a few hours. Also the surface is a nice matte finish so no finger prints and grease like the TE seems to get covered in all the time.


I bought a TE just about a month ago to dual mod and I’ve got it up for sale in the trading outlet. I think I’ll probably buy a VX-SA when that sells to test out. I really think the TE has an awesome design and the best palm rest area, but I really want to try out a VX. Hopefully it’ll sell before the VX-SA goes off of sale.


I like my TE too much to sell off but I bought a VX-SA also. just wish the 360 version came in Black. really like the look of that black case…


I’m the opposite. I like the white version. I don’t even own a 360 but I would dual-mod it.


I dont want to mess with dual modding because:

  1. I don’t want to replace the PCB myself because i’m horrible with soldering and shit
  2. I don’t feel like shipping it out to someone so ill be out of a stick for a while (not a big deal)
  3. buy 1 get 1 on gameshark looks sexy
  4. The hori looks godlike.
  5. Birthday present so I’m not paying lol.


Get a TE unless you really love the VX. I’m the proud owner of my beautiful Wonderswan VX-SA and biased as hell, but I still have to admit that a nice Round 2 is still very solid and in my opinion a much nicer build quality for what you are paying than the Hori.

I had to do a lot of modification to my VX to make it feel as solid as I like, and it was all extremely fun, but if I only had money for 1 stick I’d have to go TE.

Don’t get me wrong there really aren’t any downsides to the VX, it’s a wonderful stick, its just personal opinion what you would prefer. Seeing as its a secondary stick maybe going with something different like the VX would be a good change of pace, you really have to try it to know if your going to love it or not.

To answer some other questions:

  • Yes the VX is pretty hollow inside, lots of space to add weight.
  • While finger prints might not show up it can still get pretty filthy looking (especially the little gap between the sticker, can get a gross looking line of dirt going pretty quickly)
  • There is no RS/LS switch so that’s a plus for me since I’ve been screwed over before by the TEs toggle.
  • Start button location isn’t an issue unless you are some kind of wild masher.
  • Aesthetically it IS sexy as hell.
  • The cord compartment is nice and big, easy to put the cord back into, but the door itself is pretty cheap and I’ve had mine fall off/become crooked a lot considering how rarely I touch it.
  • It is a few pounds lighter than the TE (I think 3-4) but its not an issue at all really. As a Viper player that stick gets a hell of a work out and I never have issues with it moving around, I basically added the extra weight because I’m so used to the TE.
  • Responsiveness between the two is nothing noticeable.

Think that’s it. Enjoy whatever stick you decide to go with, they are both great in their own rights.


^^Wonderswan there’s a few false statements about your post.

The Hori is actually of a better build quality, the case is an entire one piece and made of thicker plastic. The TE is made up of several thinner pieces connected together.

There is an RS/LS switch

The cable door falls of easier, but is considerably heftier than the TE’s. The force of the cables on the TE’s door often bend and warps the door and is more likely to break off completely.

The V3/V3 is only 1-2-ish lb’s lighter, 3-4 is a significant difference, but it is not that much.


Well I know nothing about the technical specs of the build, but the overall feeling compared to the TE is definitely a cheaper impression. This is just my opinion though. The plastic might be thicker but it definitely feels softer. You can really chew the edges off this thing.

There is no RS/LS switch on the VX-SA. You are thinking of the V3-SA.

Yeah I did get the weight wrong, a little bit of dyslexia on my part remembering the Madcatz being 9lbs when its 6lbs, so yeah only 2lbs of difference.


dual mod your TE-S.


thanks everyone for your input! it seems the VX SA got a little more love for the TE so im leaning towards that atm.


I don’t know where you guys are from. But 2 lbs, is 2 lbs. That’s quite a difference to me. Just saying. :wink:


Yeah but that’s only like 32 oz.


All just my opinion:

TE pros:
The TE definitely feels heftier.
The TE has a cord compartment (maybe not a great cord compartment, but it does have one)
The TE’s little control daughterboard is better; it has the LS/DP/RS slide switch, the lock switch, and the turbo LEDs (which are crap as-is, but fun to use if you’re willing to setup a light-on-press mod with it.) VX’s instead has turbo sliders for all eight buttons, which will rarely be used and hard to mod into something useful.
The TE doesn’t have the start button on the main play surface.
All wires excent for USB cable go to removable connectors; VX has a number of wires directly soldered to pcb’s.

VX’s pros:
MUCH better inside electronics and layout. Everything is easily accessible, and easy to put back together.
No damn yellow glue on the removable connectors.
The QD’s going to the buttons are the larger housings made to be used by fingers, like a real candy cabinet and the VLX use.
No wasted space internally. TE has a lot of area that just isn’t accessible for modding because of the case design. Easy example is the sides of the Rnd1 and Rnd2 sticks.
No mounting bolts on the top of the VX; those can be annoying if you find your wrist rests on one.
No trigger problems the TE has. (that’s a big one for me. I don’t feel comfortable playing seriously on a 360 because of the fear that the triggers will go out.)


I don’t know, I’ve modded, rebuilt, and sold 2 TE’s and never had one lose a trigger on me. One that I had modded for someone had a PCB that did some really funky stuff, but that was a rarity.

I’d really like to try out a VX or V3-SA one of these days though. I have a hard time believing that they beat the feel of the original TE (I like the bezel) but I won’t know until I try.