Hrap vx sa ps360+

So I have this stick just waiting for the pcb to get here. I have seen install videos for the TE but I know the pcb on it is a little different and I was seeing if anyone had done this mod to this particular stick. If so do you have a better explanation than a basic TE install because it seems that’s what people assume is used.

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If you want to use the existing buttons for Back/Guide on the turbo area, then you’d have to solder to the signal points for both the Back and Guide buttons on that PCB from the PS360+ (and any ground signal too)
You could alternatively, drill holes and install any type of button (tactile switch, 24mm button, etc) and wire those up to the PS360+ instead which would avoid having to solder anything, but instead have you drill holes in the case somewhere and you’d have a useless area on the top.

I’m sure with the search feature here on SRK and google, you can find photos of the “Hori VX SA PCB”.
Example found:

You can also use multimeter to find other signal/ground points on the PCB along with the ones marked on above link .