HRAP VX SA question


Is the ls-56-01 a easy mod into the HRAP VX SA?

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Yup. No physical modifications to the stick needed, just need to figure out the wire harness between the HRAP pcb and stick. Make sure to get an ‘S’ plate for the Seimitsu, and mounting is a cinch. You’ll have two of the bolts left over; there are four holdin the JLF in place, and you need two to secure the Seimitsu. After that, you’ll need a small pin like the pointy part of a safety pin to swap some of the wires in the five pin connector to match the Seimitsu pins. Or you can buy a JST PH connector and crimp pins from Digikey and use that with the included wire harness to make your own harness that connects to the Seimitsu on one end and the HRAP pcb on the other.


The LS-56-01 doesn’t have an ‘S’ plate - only the LS-32 and LS-40 family. Most likely, you’ll need to swap the default VF plate with a MS plate for the 56-01 to mount it properly.

Toodles - if mounting a Seimitsu stick is similiar to putting one in a TE stick, wouldn’t you just need to turn the wire harness upside down (depending on how you mount the Seimitsu stick) since the pin layout is reverse of Sanwa?


Stock LS-56 fits perfectly fine in the VLX, wire harness is on the the other side but if the V series is similar internally to the VLX, should be fine. With my Qanba, the only problem is the mounting plate where only two screws align with the mounting area.


So do I need a sanwa “S” plate or seimitsu “MS” plate?


With my V3 SA, there is only one way to plug the wire harness into any 5-prong PCB adaptor, Seimitsu or JLF.

Looking on the bottom (baseplate removed), the PCB must be oriented with the prong to the right. There doesn’t appear to be much spare for mounting any other way. Both the LS-32/-40 and JLF plug the wire harness in the same way, no harness flipping as I recall. The exposed golden wires on the harness plug face DOWN towards the faceplate.

Took me a few times to figure that out.

Next time I open the V3 SA up, I’ll take a picture of the harness to illustrate my point… That’s if I haven’t posted a picture already in another thread.


Here’s a picture of my LS-32-01 installation in the V3-SA.

Note that the photo illustrates all the point I went over before.

LS-40-01 installation is identical.

The mounting positions on the HRAP V3/VS series is different than the Astocade-style cab HRAP’s. Instead of rotating to install the LS-mounting plates, they line up in the same orientation as the JLF TP flat plate and install on the same “rack.” The LS-sticks, however, are fastened into the center screw areas instead of the outer 4 screw points the JLF plate screws into. Hence, half your existing mount screws aren’t used. Middle screw points for LS-sticks ONLY.

Since, the LS-56-01 only uses flat plates for mounting, anybody wanting to mount the LS-56-01 would probably have to use the longer flat plate for that joystick. Remember, that -56-01 (with stock mount plate) mounts into the vanilla HRAP joysticks in the same position on as the naked JLF’s wings.

My reasoning is the default LS-56-01 mount plate (the one the LS-56-01 ships with) would probably not work.

Double check on … They have diagrams of all the mounting plates in the Joystick Accessories area. Match up the JLF-TP and LS-32-01 SS plates with the LS-56-01 flat plate that has mount areas common to the LS-32-01 stock SS plate. That should be the -56-01 flat plate you need to use. Remember that the -56 shaft is longer than the LS-32/-40 series shaft so you couldn’t use an SS plate with the -56 series if it even existed…


“MS” plate as there is no “S” plate for the LS-56-01


The MS or P-40 plate would be the one to use with the LS-56-01 HRAP VX/V3 installation.

I’m sorta leaning towards the P-40 being the right plate. It looks like either P-40 or MS is similar to the P-1 plate the JLF uses.

The VF plate looks too short in length… The mounting holes in that plate probably wouldn’t mount in the HRAP V3/VX mount area.


Mounting Points in Common –

The diagrams on are unfortunately NOT in scale, BUT we can scale them in Photoshop and do color replacement for comparison.

Here’s the SS diagram (blue) overlaid on top of the JLF-P-1 (yellow).

Most of us replace JLF’'s with LS-32’s so this is a set of data point that can be compared.

I’ve done an Agetec mod where I created a universal mounting point for JLF/LS-32/LS–40 by overlaying a JLF-P-1 with an SS mount. The mount points in come are circled in red just as I remembered them. (Used the Agetec trick to create a common mount via drill points on T5 faceplates, too.) The mount points for the SS plate on the HRAP VX/V3 are circled in black.

And now, why I think the MS is the most likely candidate for the LS-56-01 installation in the HRAP V3/VX cases…

JLF-P-1 is yellow, MS is red.

Mount plates are the same length, 95mm.

My scaling in Photoshop is close. The MS is only 3mm narrower than the JLF-P-1.
The outer red holes on the MS match up closely with the JLF-P1… The MS has not inner/middle mount holes. The four red holes in the middle are for screwing on the LS-56-01 (I think).

The P-40 VS JLFTP-1 and here’s where a problem begins…

That’s as close as I can get scaling… The P-40 (light blue) is 12mm wider than the JLF-P-1 (all black), and 2mm longer.

You can see it looks like there might be a common mounting point.

It looks too close to call… Somebody has to break down and get multiple mount plates to test, OR call in a big favor to Per/Real Neo Geo and see if he’ll check for you… The only way this will get resolved is if someone with a -56-01 and multiple mount plates does an actual fit check.

Direct comparison can’t be done with the drawings because they’re offscale to each other, and even with the data points we know — just too close.


This is the first time I’m reading about Seimitsu P-40 mounting plate. I notice that akihabarashop does sell them…but are these new plates Seimitsu is making or custom plates?

Unless Hori mucked around with their universal mounting bracket on the VX/V3 series…the MS plate should still be usable.


I really don’t know to be honest.

The guy to ask would be Per again… For a lot of hardware issues, he could probably check since he’s one of the head guys at and mods joysticks, too.

He would be in the best position to know this or look it up to find out what’s going on.

I was thinking the MS plate would work best, too, but the problem is that those technical drawings are not in scale.

I know about the JLF-P-1 and SS Mounting plates since I’ve used those, too. The LS-40-01 flat has common anchor points with the JLF-P-1, too… (Know that directly from my own mods.) None of this really helps because a direct comparison can’t be done since the drawings are not done to a common scale.


Can’t the wiring harness that comes on the Hori VX SA just plug into the five pins on the ls-56-01 joystick?


Yes, the wire harness should. That’s the way it works for the LS-32-01 and LS-40-01. It’s been that way for other Hori HRAP joysticks, too. And the Mad Catz TE’s and other joysticks with similar wiring set-ups.

The issue here is NOT Sanwa vs. Seimitsu wiring harnesses… they’re cross-compatible between the joystick lines.

The concern is WHICH mount plate to use with the the HRAP V3/VX cases. The new-style cases have a new joystick mount. The mounting plates for at least two of the LS-series joysticks (LS-32-/-40-01) do NOT screw in the way they did for the earlier HRAP cases…


I’m 99% certain a Seimitsu LS-55-01 is a direct replacement for a JLF, as long as the JLF was mounted with a mounting plate (same screw holes)