Hrap vx se


If I buy one of these

[ J[zAA[P[hPro.VX SE uubNv(Xbox 360p): Q

will it work for north american 360s?


Yes, no problem. :bgrin:


Where is this misconception of region locking for controllers coming from? The last time we had something similar, it was with the NES and the Famicom back in '87 with the only reason being that the Famicom has its controllers hardwired to it.


The last time I had this happen was with the Japanese release of the official Dreamcast lightgun. It would not work with the U.S. version of House of the Dead. I think it was software related though, so it doesn’t really count I guess. :clown:


You may be waiting a while yet…

There are reports that all Japanese products may be scanned for radiation before they can leave the country…

How this will affect videogame exports I don’t know.

The country’s a mess. Shipping will probably be close to normal within two months but let’s hope the nuclear power plant situation resolves itself without getting much worse than it is. It’s not Chernobyl-bad but definitely worse than anything that’s happened in US nuclear power plant stations.


Yes, I believe that was a software issue with a single controller, not something where an entire regions worth of controllers was locked out.


Can somebody check whether Amazon Japan ships that item to the US? They don’t seem to ship to Canada.


Yes, people have been importing the VLX and the V3 since they came out in Japan without any issues with region locking. So, I think you’ll be fine if you import one.


No they don’t actually ship to Canada. Has anyone bought stuff from Amazon Japan before?


From what I understood, with Amazon Japan and Yahoo Actions Japan, you need a middleman in Asia (if not in Japan) to ship items to you. There is also foreign bank transfers involved, a real pain int he neck. eBay is somewhat the exception and only if the seller willing to do international shipping.


Amazon Japan will ship 99% of DVD/BDs, books, and music cds internationally. Things like games/game accessories, software or things that fall under “toys and hobbies” you’ll need a middle man.

Regarding the VX-SE, though, due to shipping and exchange rate and middle man fees…you might be better off just ordering a regular VX and the change the buttons and stick at your own leisure.