HRAP1 on PS3?


I spashed out on a PS3 for VF5 (Goh) and Tekken DR (Xiaoyu). I have a HRAP1 for my PS2 that i love, is there a converter to get it to work on a PS3?

If there is no easy way what is the best PS3 stick? High grade? Does it play the PS2 fighters ok on PS3 does anybody know?

Thanks a lot in advance y’all


Wait for the Pelican converter. Dream Theater works for them and says it’ll work with everything on the PS3.


ps3 stick dont play ps2 games


The Pelican converter will according to DreamTR. Just be patient.


get the high grade <3


I heard a bunch of high grades got recalled, how do you know if you’re buying a reissued one? ty


from what ive seen there has to be an 01 at the end of the serial
i think with a sticker on it


nice a pelican converter will be lag free nice!