HRAP1 Type B - dead board or..?



I have an hrap1 type B. I believe the board is dead. I just want to confirm it with you guys.

When I plug in the stick, it thinks that left is pressed (Left is held down indefinitely).

If I press up, it registers as UP + LEFT
If I press down, it registers as DOWN + LEFT
If I press right, it registers (stays) as LEFT
If I press left, it goes to neutral

I had thought that the problem was the microswitch on the joystick, but after replacing the joystick with a brand new one, the problem persisted.

I then removed the board to take a look at it. I wiggled some wires and I got the stick to go to neutral, but as soon as I tried to move the stick, it goes back to the stuck left state.

Is my board malfunctioned? I’m guessing yes.


Hmm, honestly sounds like it. But it could be a fucked up ground.