HRAP1 version A button wire color-coding. Need help

I wrote down the color-coding for each button’s wires when I took the buttons out to put in my AE stick (don’t ask, lol) but when I moved I lost the piece of thin cardboard I wrote it down on. like the thread title says this is for an HRAP1 version A, the one with the mirror top. I’m modding my HRAP soon so I kind of need to know this.

Thanks in advance to anyone that helps me out here.

This should help, its a pic of the inside of my modded hrap 1 version b

I think it’s different for each stick. I’ve had multiple HRAP2s and I’m pretty sure the color-coding was different every time. But you should be able to tell which wires go where by looking at the PCB.

Much thanks for the info so far.