Howdy folks, I just got my hands on an Hori Real Arcade Pro 1 from a Japanese supplier.

I purchased the HRAP1 because I like the button layout more than the 2 and 3 and also because I don’t own a PS3, nor am I planning to purchase one. However, build quality, parts, and feature wise, did I make a good choice? What’s the best Hori Real Arcade Pro out of the 1-3 versions that have been made?

Please let me know. Thank you! :slight_smile:

P.S. I noticed there’s a version B of the HRAP1 … it didn’t mention it on the site I purchased it from. When I receive the unit, does it say on the box what version it is? Does anyone have a picture of the HRAP1 vB (edit: found it)?

The original HRAP1 has a shiny reflective top and version B has a dark grey top.

As far as build, parts, and features, they are all the same. All have a stock Sanwa stick and Hori buttons. The HRAP1’s mirror top get scratched and smudged really easily though.

Does Hori actually state anywhere on the box if it’s a version B? And I read in the Hori FAQ that the buttons are cheaper on version B, is this true or just a rumor? What’s better, the HRAP1 or HRAP 1 vB? I’m not planning to mod the stick either.

is there a way to fix the scratched mirror= =

i bought a second hand HRAP1 it’s pretty scratched…