HRAP2/3 Layout and Button Plugs

I’ve looked around a bit, and haven’t been able to find much info on this. I am ordering an HRAP3, and I plan to swap out the buttons for Sanwas when it comes in. I haven’t had a stick before, and I’m inexperienced with mods of this sort, but it seems simple enough judging from the guide threads. I just have a couple of questions I’d like to get people’s answers and opinions on.

First of all, the HRAP3 has an 8 button layout by default. I plan to use the stick mostly for fighting games, which seem to use 6 buttons or less for the most part. I know it’s up to personal preference, but I’d like to get an idea of what the most popular route to go is so I have some idea of what replacement parts I should order. Do most people tend to plug the last 2 buttons because they are bothersome? Are there any games that use the last 2 buttons? I haven’t been able to find any, except for some Naruto thing.

Also, if I do decide to plug the last 2 buttons, what do I do with the wires that used to attach to those buttons? Is it dangerous to leave them dangling loose inside the case? What exactly am I supposed to do with these wires if I plug the last 2 holes?

Thanks in advance for any answers and/or opinions on these matters.

Plug the L buttons (the two rightmost ones on the HRAP3. The extra buttons on a HRAP1 layout are not that annoying imo), wrap the loose wires in electrical tape, and tape them down inside the case.

Sounds good. Thank you.