HRAP2 and HRAP3 orders opened

Just giving everyone a heads up, HRAP2 are in stock with VGO store. We’re still taking HRAP3 preorders.

All Elecoms are sold out and they’re all shipped today.

what will be the final price for hrap3’s including u.s. shipping be?

also will hrap3’s be able to play ps2 games on a ps3? i only ask because i heard the elecom adapters don’t work with ps2 games on a ps3.


HORI hasn’t given us info as to whether they will work for PS2 titles or not. I don’t see why not however since they are USB attached like the SixAxis controllers. But its not 100% sure yet.

As for the final price, it will be 106 with shipped anywhere in the states.

They should work, since there is a PS Button on the stick itself.

CuellarEX save a few of those Elecoms for me.

How many do you need Mark?

in for a hrap3 preorder. thanks for the heads up.

How about shipping to Canada? I’m guessing $126 shipped?

what’s the final price on a hrap 2? I’m very interested.

what’s up cuellar,

you think you could refund me the $10 since you never received the HRAP SE? Thanks. and btw the tv deal still stands. let me know or just drop by.

you got Chozen1. I’ll hook you up in person and drop you 10 bills. Saves us the paypal fees and shit

Final price for hrap2 is 106 shipped to anywhere in the states, if you live in Canada, its gonna cost you about 28.90 plus 96 bucks for stick.

holla back

Just a heads up, I have only 1 elecom remaining. Holla back if anyone wants it.

PM sent

HRAP2 now back in stock. I also have one Official Tekken HRAP2 from Japan, NOT US version. Let me know if anyone wants it. Best offer takes it

Hey harry let me know what u want for this. If u interested. I would be really interested in that white tekken stick. It would complete my collection. If u can let eddierang know ur price and he will let me know.

eddierang? You mean big ed?

Yeah thats who Im talking about.

just wanted to say thanks.

ordered a pair of elecoms on tuesday and they are here today. cuellarex was very helpful in answering all my questions and getting me a tracking number in a timely manner.

hopefully hrap3 preorders go as smooth and nice doing business.

finally able to enjoy some t5dr with a sanwa instead of a pos sixaxis dpad. :slight_smile:

just ordered my hrap 2 :smiley:

I made an order for two HRAP 3s. Looking forward to getting them in. :smiley: