Hrap2 linux xmame -broken joystick

Does anyone here know how to get the hrap2 working with xmame in linux?

Hrap2 works well with the linux and with all other emulators, but its joystick is broken in xmame. After calibrating the stick with jscalibrator, xmame does not recognize the ‘left’ and ‘up’ positions of the joystick.

Hi Chris.

Try SDLMAME ? isn’t XMAME ooooold at this point? Also, you shouldn’t have to calibrate a digital joystick.

I’m using xmame.SDL. There is a problem with my joystick and sdl. Gngeo is yielding the same results.

Gngeo, for the record, plays neogeo games much smoother than mame does.

can’t get Ubuntu to read my arcade sticks either. i also tried to run windows MAME through wine and connected a joystick, but it froze everytime. gragh. :confused:

i don’t have a stick(yet) but i do have one of those pc saturn pads from the other thread. to get it running i had to use a program called rejoystick to map the buttons to key presses. works perfectly for me thus far. just for the record i run archlinux with sdlmame 0.126-1.

Rejoystick solves my problem! I’m so glad. Thanks for telling us about that.

Try rejoystick.