HRAP2 Modding Guide/Review

The quick disconnects do not fit really well on sanwas, so after a few hours of intensive plays they tend to come off. If you want to use sanwa(and yes, they are a lot better then seimitsu) you’d either need to solder them or get new quick disconnects that fit the sanwa buttons.

Never ever had ANY problems fitting either Sanwa or Seimitsu to my HRAP. The connectors on both brand of button are exactly the same size/shape. I just had a look at some spare pushbuttons I have lying around, and if anything, I would say Sanwa’s connectors are in fact slightly thicker, and should therefore be a tighter fit to the HRAPs QDs. Not sure what caused you the problems, GoLD ReaVeR.

you were using an hrap2 yeton?

I have a HRAP1, but I doubt Hori would be as anal as to put a different brand of QDs in different models of the HRAP. I know a friend of a friend who does have a HRAP2 with Sanwa buttons, and he has never had any problems whatsoever. Just go and buy those Sanwa buttons, you won’t regret it. If the worst comes to the worst, you can crimp the QDs, no big deal.

custom art

how do I put the custom art on my harp 2 ??? I can’t find a guide how to…

those links are the best help you’re gonna get. unfortunately, there’s no template available for the hrap2. to tell you the truth, i don’t think anybody has ever placed custom art on an hrap2. maybe the best way to go about this is to remove the metal plate from your stick and scan it. i don’t have a scanner though. :wasted:

yeah, screw in seimitsus work fine. The seimitsu nuts are smaller than the sanwa nuts so they fit even with the buttons being so close to the stick. you could also get sanwa screwins with seimitsu nuts.

Whoa whoa, Seimitsu screw-ins work on HRAP2’s without any problems? This is new info for me.

Will a LS-32-02 fit into a hrap1 the one without a mirror top?

any advice in pulling out the QDs because i kind of pulled too hard and ripped out the QD from the actual wire.:sad: man those things are tight are too pull out sometimes. maybe this might be a good time ask if anyone can spare some .110 QDs for me. :sweat:

use a screw driver to lose them up, never pull anything by the wire:P

what do you mean? do you mean like push from the bottom of the disconnect to loosen it? please clarify. thanks.

push from the buttom yeah

Quick questions…

I just got one of these today, and it’s the first stick I’ve owned (sad, huh?).

Anyways, I hate the square restrictor plate. Would the octagonal sanwa GT-Y plate work? For reference, it’s towards the bottom here:

Also, is there a guide somewhere for changing restrictor plates? I’m brand-new at this but not afraid to get my hands dirty :smile:

It would work, I doubt you want to do it though, since it fucks up df, and db, motions found in VF and it fucks up strict DP.

Anyways, to do it: you see the original gate held by 4 holders, press 2 of then and lift the gate a bit and do the same with the other 2 and take the gate of, then click in the new gate.

Ok, thanks for the info. Would I be better off with the circular gate?

Or, should I just put in a different stick altogether? I was considering the gate option because it was cheaper.

The stick will be primarily for 3S, if that matters.

Just use whatever works for you. I, personally, like octagonal gates. I don’t have any issues hitting diagonals. I guess it depends on your execution or style of movement. If you have imprecise execution, the square gate can help you “feel” those diagonals better. The circular gate won’t help you feel squat.

I think I like octagonals the best because it’s a marriage between smoothness and having those slight indentations that show you where the perfect angle is. For me, anyway.

I use square gate and I don’t have trouble with anything here.

That was my thinking with the octagonal - that it would help me learn all of the angles, and from there I could switch to circular.

I have two HRAP2s that I use for 3S and one has an octagonal restricter and the other is a Seimitsu stick. Both work much better than default Sanwa square gate (I prefer the Seimitsu and my friend prefers Sanwa with 8gate). The Seimitsu is better for me also because then I can use it for shooters as well.