HRAP2 on Xbox. What options do you have?

I’m new to this and I’ve been searching for this but I couldn’t find anything at all.

I got a HRAP2 and I can’t find any Magic Box (the only adapter that’s confirmed to work well). I’m considering modding my HRAP2 to make it work with my Xbox (CVS2) and I need help.

Is it possible to build an adapter ?

What would you need to make it work without losing its PS1/PS2 support ?

This site teaches you how to remove the PCB from an Xbox stick. Do I need to do anything different to connect it with my HRAP2 parts ?

Thanks in advance.

RedOctane’s adapter works with HRAPs. It’s pricey, and it looks like there might be a cheaper generic branded model, but it works.

Thanks for the suggestion. Does it really work without any lag at all ?

i can’t say 100% for certain and i’m scrubbier than a janitor, but, it’s been fine for me

Just use that converter. I use it for my HRAP2 on the xbox and it works perfectly. Plus you should have checked the converter thread. All this info is in there.

I read that whole thread.

No you didn’t