HRAP2 re-released!

Not sure if anybody else has seen this but, according to the horistore the hrap2 will be in stock on the 27th of September.

Quick edit: after the link click on joystick. (duh)

My first question is, will it suffer the same fate as the HRAP1.2?

what happened to 1.2?

different mounting plate so you can’t put a ls-32-01

I have one question. When will play-asia start taking preorders?

This is the best news I’ve ever heard, I was just starting to look around for a couple of these


Seriously… the HRAP2’s on eBay are selling for $250 each. Talk about overselling. If I can grab these for half the price … I’m buying it today! :smiley:

I posted this in the HRAP thread months ago, and some dickhead nepped me :rolleyes:

How wonderful! :lovin:

as long as it does not have the pcb attached to the buttons ill grab one up

I don’t know why it would, that would be a pretty big (and very crappy) change.

I just emailed them and asked if they will have any for sale

I sure hope they do

If they do then I’ll be ordering 2 for good measure.

"Dear Alex,

Thank you for contacting

We regret we are not sure at the moment. Please subscribe to the personal
agent for later information. You can locate our personal agent on the
right hand side of the products.

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to ask.

Best regards,


I guess we’ll just have to wait and see

hopefully not :smiley:

ps. you left me a comment on youtube. i was like… demondash… i seen that name on srk somewhere.