HRAP2 Ripped Cord (Solutions?)


I’ve had my HRAP2 for quite some time now (2-3 years)… past 6 months I’ve noticed that the starting area of the cord has started to rip and a few wires have completely ripped off today making the stick useless. What are my solutions exactly? I know I could padhack a ps1 controller and use that but I honestly have never done anything like that, nor do I have the tools… Any easier solutions? (excluding buying a new stick)

Sorry if this thread has been made alot, I tried searching lol


Easiest to install, hardest to locate parts: Find someone with a HRAP/HRAP2/TE stick that doesn’t use their cord and buy it. Replacing it is just a matter of unscrewing the bottom plate and unplug/replug.

If you can’t find a replacement, you’ll have to solder a replacement from an extension cord or dead controller.

  • Any time you want technical advice on damaged goods, start with a picture. *

Take a picture of the cable break and post it here… People will be able to give a better diagnosis with a picture of the problem.

I doubt you need to the change the PCB. I’m almost 100% sure of that. In fact, that’s probably the last thing you want to do.

At worst, you’ll have to replace the cord which isn’t that bad IF you know how to solder. You can reattach the cord to the proper point on the PCB if you’re brave enough to open up the joystick and look for the PCB (it’s mounted underneath the area that holds the Turbo buttons).

Whether or not you can save the original connector cable, I don’t know. However, there are tons of extension cords out there available for under $10 ($5 is more likely cost plus shipping) and you can replace the HRAP 2 cord with any of these. Any cord for PS1/PS2 will make a good replacement. You want to be sure, however, that you solder the correct wire into the right position on the PCB. Sometimes, the wire colors are different among manufacturers and it’s a good idea to check which wire goes for each connector point on the cable interface. You need a multimeter to check for continuity among the wires. It’s no big deal – you’re just checking what wire conducts electricity for the contact point on the plug-in for the PS consoles…

Now that I think of it, Toodles is right… It’s just been so long since I took my HRAP 3 apart. HRAP 3 cables do plug-in and unplug. It’s the licensed HRAP variants like the T5 sticks that have you soldering connector cables.

If you can’t find an official plug-in cable, you’ll probably have to solder unless you can cobble together another connector or somehow crimp some of your remaining (original) connector cable into the plug-in connector for the HRAP PCB.

That last bit might require a specialized tool… I don’t know. Never dealt with that myself.

BTW, how did your cord get frayed that badly? Did a dog or cat chew through it? Insulation shouldn’t be torn away like that after 2-3 years. Wiring’s tougher unless you constantly wrap up it tightly all the time or put a bunch of stress on it.


If you take a picture of where its at there’s a solder method and a tape method depending on which side of the cord its on


Yeah, I don’t have a camera at the moment. Thanks alot for the input guys. I’ll try and get a picture up here in a few days but in the mean time I think I’m going to buy the ps2 extension cord and do some research (find a guide) on how to solder it correctly. Oh and it started to rip because it was placed in positions that would strain the cord.


Fuck. This shit just happened to me a couple of hours ago with my HRAP2 SA. :sad:

Any suggestions?

I’ll never wrap the cords ever again.


If you just have exposed wires, you can get shrink tubing to cover it. If it’s actually affecting your play, you may have to recable.


haha dude, that’s exactly what mine looks like :frowning: mine doesn’t work at all though


Mine doesn’t work either, haha. Thankfully I have 2 of these:

I can’t play ST/Boxer now though. Fack.

You don’t have any friends that know how to do this stuff?

Thank god I found someone. Hopefully it’ll be fixed on Saturday.


You wrap your cord around it? You don’t wrap it that way duh… You fold it the same way it came and keep the black twistie tie to put around it. I have no idea how you two are going to fix it that close to the edge of it unless you got a soldering gun laying around


I fold my cables the same way how it was packaged too.



Helps if you can get some velcro wire ties like these:

So that you don’t have to keep the twist tie around.


This member is selling T5 cords, which I believe is the same as the HRAP2 cord.


Yea i keep my coord the same way it came safest bet and when im done with them i put them back in the boxes


Honestly, this should be common sense by now in this day and age when sticks with cord compartments are becoming the norm. That’s the only way most of them will fit.


The Tekken Stick cord the HRAP’s all use the same cord for ps2. They plug in with a small white connector on the pcb.

The wires inside the cable are quite thin and hard to work with IMO. They are so small that it would be difficult to get them to solder together correctly. It would probably be easier to source a PSX cable, figure out the pins, and then solder directly to the underside of the pcb where the pins from the connector meet with the board.


Thanks man, I pm’d him about it.


Heh, I have the same exact problem. Problem is, it is for the HRAP EX. If I were to bend the cable a certain way it works, but nonetheless, it is still the same problem as the other cases in this thread.


With the HRAP EX, if you have a steady hand, you can recable pretty easily (if I’m not mistaken).

You can take any USB cable/extension and recable and you should be okay. Since it’s only four wires (instead of the whopping eight), it should be good.


Excuse the noobness, but how would I go about doing this?