HRAP2 SA 3button issue

Is it just my stick/computer/emulator or what…I am having exactly the same problems with the Sega VSHG with 3 button inputs not being recognized…

Tried to play SF Alpha 3 using akuma and i cant do the teleport which requires 3 kicks/punches.

Using Final Burn Alpha that came with GGPO latest release (not the test one)

it says PId :3020 v0.2.96.72

Not tried it with other emulators or games yet…but i just wanted to know if anyone else is experiencing this?

Test it on a ps2. The problem you have sounds like a converter problem. What kind of converter you have?

its his converter!, i use a mayflash and no problems registering 3 button pushes.

well i can do 3 button press fine on a psOne DualShock controller (just tested)…so it cant be the convertor…unless this convertor doesnt like HRAPS but likes DS.

converters are picky on what pcb’s they like, and dont like. it is your converter

I got a converter for the gamecube that doesn’t work with my RAP. I’m pretty sure Hori didn’t do any pcb revisions, so it sounds like the converters just being picky.

thanks guys i’ll check out the convertors thread. When i bought the convertor many moons ago i remember it to be a joybox of somesort…but maybe im wrong ive had so many convertors.

Well when this one is plugged in it says MP-8866 dual USB joypad. If anyone was wondering and wanted to avoid the same thing :slight_smile: