HRAP2 SA Modding Question

Anyone know if you can fit a seimitsu ls-32-01 in here or not?

Yes you can.

See TingBoy’s guide:

thanks indy but thats the regular hrap2, im trying to seeing if one can go in the hrap2 “special addition”. im just not sure if the inside is the same as the regular hrap2

They work exactly the same way, I have an SA aswell and have done the mod. The only difference is that you just use an Allen key to loosen the bolts on the faceplate to get to the inside. Everything else is the same.

The HRAP2 and the HRAP2:SA are the exact same dimensions wise, including sizes of the holes and the size of the mounting area for the joystick. TingBoy’s guide works equally well for a HRAP2:SA as it does for a HRAP2. In fact, his guide even works for HRAP3s since they have the same dimensions as a HRAP2, aside from the button layout, but the holes for everything are the same.

EDIT: And Indy is also right about the bolts. Heck, even the little wad of hot-glue on the joystick’s wire connectors are there.

Edit: nvm. two people beat me to it lol

oh ok i just wanted to make sure. thanks you guys you helped me a lot

Uh you can’t stick a Ls-32 into a HRAP3.

The dark ages are ending my friend.