HRAP2 SA - NYC area preferred - trade for Quick Release JLF or >$1

Another thing I need to get out my apartment before I move. I leave in November so i need this out ASAP since it’s a heavy(relatively) bastard.

I’m willing to trade it for a Link Quick Release JLF for the one stick I am keeping. Which is one hell of a deal if you have one.

No reasonable cash offer refused, no unreasonable cash offer refused. It’s an older stick, PCB works for PS2. It is great for gutting and use as a base for a modern stick build.

Edit: Sold. Pending pickup.

Do you have pictures of the stick and what would it cost to ship to Maryland?

You have to post a price, per the rule. ASAP too please.


Pictures shortly. I threw my back out moving furniture out and everything is hurting.

Updated listing to meet the rules.

Would you take $40 shipped?

I have a link shaft and I live in NYC just got me up

Done. Sorry to anyone else.