Hrap2 vs oem ps pcb

which is better ??

One thing I know for sure, is that HRAP pcb’s are pure crap. I remember when I first purchased the HRAP2 after hearing so many good things about it. After getting it and playing on it for about 2-3 hours, I noticed some of the buttons weren’t working. After I got toodles to help me with troubleshooting, we came to the conclusion that the pcb needed to be replaced.

Now, I have a PS pcb installed in my RAP2 and it has been working great for the past year or so.

To conclude: HORI PCB’S SUCK.

On the contrary, I’ve been using my HRAP2 for about 2 years now. Even with the whole button light up modding and whatnot, it still works perfectly fine.

Same here, minus the godly button light ups. I would go with an official Sony PCB though if I had the choice due to its better compatibility with adapters.

I haven’t had any problems with converters yet either, but then again, I’ve only used a few Total Control Pluses, a couple of Innovation PS2/DC converters, and Pelican PS2-PS3

I haven’t for the most part, only with the Super Joy Box that has 4 ports. I couldn’t get all 4 working with a HRAP but all 4 worked fine with Sony controllers.

I think it depends on the situation though. If this is in regards to a HRAP I’d just leave the stock PCB in there. If it’s for another stick then Sony all the way.

HRAP PCBs are very compatible with converters and whatnot, the problem is that the stock buttons spin in place, twisting and pulling on the wires in the process, which gives you shitty inputs. the glue holding the wires down can also end up starting to come off, ripping copper solder points out too. so that you can t even use the solder point when you discover this. its most likely due to human error when they put everything together. the plug wire coming out of the stick can also start ripping if you constantly just wrap it around the stick. the plug wires are hori plug wires and are compatible with all hori sticks, so getting that is no problem. the problem is, hori doesn t sell parts separately, so if your PCB is done, its time for another PCB.

i ve gone through at least 3 HRAPs fixing these problems.

although, i should mention i have a friend with the same HRAP1 since the first ones shipped, i think he has number 11 or something

If you want to use the HRAP2 with a gamecube converter it will not work. I’ve tried three differant converters and nothing has worked yet.